This image is the cover for the book Finding Christmas

Finding Christmas

Everyone knows that Christmas comes once a year. For most people, it’s a time to celebrate with their loved ones, but not for Steve Bryant. Steve has struggled finding the purpose of Christmas all of his life. For Steve, Christmas was something he had to do, it was never something he wanted to go through. It wasn’t until his father passed away that Steve understood how much he resented the holiday season. It’s during this year’s Christmas season Steve realises that every decoration, ugly sweater and holiday themed song remind him of how miserable he was. The meaning of Christmas was lost to Steve; that is until he met with Sam. Through Sam’s example, Steve would see the world for what it could be and not for what it was. Follow Steve and his wife Sarah as they learn the love and perseverance it takes to find Christmas.

Michael J. Egbert

Michael J. Egbert started his writing career developing marketing and communication strategies for small businesses. His love for writing began at his alma mater, Dixie State University, where he studied Human Communication. Michael continued his education by enrolling into a master’s program at the University of Southern California Annenberg, School of Communication and Journalism. Michael is married to his college sweetheart, Delight. Together they reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, with their three children.

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