This image is the cover for the book Mother Earth and The Four Planets

Mother Earth and The Four Planets

After saving humanity from near-extinction at the hands of both humans and a technologically advanced alien race, Benjamin Franklin had finally found peace on two planets. But one fateful day, while he was dozing off in his favorite armchair, he heard a cry for help - from Maria. He searched everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found. This was just the beginning of a new threat that would put the human population in danger once again. This time, however, the source was unknown. The population was rapidly decreasing, and despite his best efforts, Ben could not find any trace of a virus or disease causing the deaths. As time ticked away, he and those closest to him were attacked by a mysterious entity. Ben knew he had to act quickly before the majority of humanity disappeared forever. In this gripping sci-fi thriller, follow Ben as he races against time to uncover the source of this new threat and save humanity once again. As the death toll rises and the world descends into chaos, he must use all his knowledge and experience to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

Peter Buckle

Peter Buckle was born into World War II, in Monpelier Gardens EastHam, he and his sister Jean were evacuated twice. The first time he went to Stoke with his mother. In 1942, he moved to Cottesmore Avenue, in Barkingside Ilford Essex. He and his sister were evacuated again, this time to a farm in Bridgend, Yorkshire. It was there he went to school for the first time. His father was an Electrical Engineer for West Ham Electricity Board. In 1946, his father formed his own company as an Electrical Contractor. After finishing school Peter joined his father and did a five-year apprenticeship. Peter eventually started his own business and at the age of 60 went into teaching electricians. On retiring, he and his wife moved to Spain where they lived for 11 years. Finally, they returned and now live in an annex with their daughter Gemma and her husband Martin.

Austin Macauley Publishers