This image is the cover for the book Weight Loss, Italian-Style!

Weight Loss, Italian-Style!

Travel writer Jill Hendrickson has found the most exciting destination ever—slenderness and passionate living! You'll find it in "Weight Loss, Italian Style! Ditch the Diet, Pass the Pasta, and Drop the Pounds FOREVER." Join Jill on a food-filled adventure to the Tuscan Isle of Elba, where she learns that the secret to staying slim forever has nothing to do with counting calories or cutting carbs. You'll learn the fundamental lifestyle differences that explain Italians' exceptional health and America's obesity epidemic; why diets are doomed to fail, and how to replace them with your own version of La Dolce Vita; the truth about pasta! Contrary to popular diet advice, it can actually help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Now the Italian secret can be your secret! Enjoy your own Renaissance as a sensual, slimmed down being by grabbing your copy of "Weight Loss, Italian Style!" They don't call it La Dolce Vita for nothing!

Jill Hendrickson

Writer Jill Hendrickson fell in love with Italy and the Italian way of life when she stumbled off a train in Venice as a college student and spent her first night in the broom closet of a fancy Venetian hotel. She returned two decades later to fulfill her dream of studying Italian, and while on the Isle of Elba and later while living with a cooking teacher in Florence, she discovered the secrets used by Italians to maintain their weight while eating some of the most delicious food on the planet. Jill began travel writing while working for the Official Airline Guides and TravelAge East and TravelAge West magazines. She has worked for the Associated Press, columnist Jack Anderson, States News Service, The Japan Times, Kyodo News Service, and NHK Broadcasting. Her stories have appeared around the world in such publications as The International Herald Tribune and the Asian Wall Street Journal.

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