This image is the cover for the book Saris


David Argentino is a troubled youth who is about to begin a school year in a distant future where wars and revolutions have plagued the Earth, and where, at an unknown location, the world’s largest school still stands. The school is Saris, a prison-like institution, run with an iron fist by the tyrannical principal known only as Headmaster. Battling depression, and a need to escape his past, David struggles to fit in. He meets the sensitive Marie, and love ensues. David delves deeply into intense soul-searching that eventually leads him to a breakthrough from his inner struggles. With the help of an angel called Sevens, his newfound freedom sparks a zeal for personal salvation from a dystopian world that begins to permeate throughout the school. Seeing his sinister plan for the students threatened, Headmaster embarks on a manipulative campaign to bring down the figurehead of this new uprising, resulting in a clash of wit and will, and battles with words and weapons.

Samuel Correa

Samuel Correa is an American-born who was raised in Oslo, Norway. As the son of American parents whose work moved them to Norway from New York, USA, from an early age, he was exposed to great literature. His parents never missed an opportunity to develop in him an analytical penchant for viewing the world through film, literature, and the arts. A school writing assignment at the age of 14 impressed one of his teachers to such an extent, that her words of encouragement to become a writer stayed with him as unquestioningly as did his love for literature. Saris is his first novel.

Austin Macauley Publishers