This image is the cover for the book What's Your Magical Moment?

What's Your Magical Moment?

Winner of a National Indie Excellence Award: A guide to finding peace and authentic joy in this noisy modern world.

Everywhere you turn, you see people on cell phones, laptops, and other devices. People rarely look up to actually talk to one another. Sadly, many family dinners are spent answering calls and texting rather than sharing stories and building memories.

Amid the virtual technology of the modern world, real life is passing many of us by. But beyond this hectic, fast-paced, demanding life, there is a place and time where we can pause, find meaning, get clarity, experience joy, and rediscover experiences that illuminate our life. The author of this inspiring book calls these our magical moments—and shows us how to find them again.

Gina Kloes

As a peak performance success coach, an author and an international speaker, Gina inspires people to live the life of their dreams. Her EOS program series teach people to find the true balance between their demanding fast paced technologically focused lives and the joy in pausing to appreciate the magical moments in life. Through this process, people discover what their life really means at a deeper level. Gina is certified practitioner in the area of Neurolinguistics (NLP), a certified instructor for the Chopra Center, and a lead facilitator for the Anthony Robbins Foundation Making Strides Program. She is also an instructor for Draper University of Heroes, an internationally recognized school for leadership and young entrepreneurs from around the world. Gina is a graduate of the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California in Berkeley, practiced law in San Francisco, was the CFO for a financial firm, runs her own real-estate investment firm and teaches around the world. Her true inspiration comes from her loving husband Greg, their five children and their many friends and magical moments they continue to share together.

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