This image is the cover for the book Hidden History of East Meadow, Hidden History

Hidden History of East Meadow, Hidden History

Best known for Baby Boom-era housing developments that transformed potato fields and orchards into suburban sprawl, East Meadow's past is full of fascinating long-forgotten events.

Rediscover violent feuds of jealous farmers, such as the love triangles of the 19th century Brower clan. Marvel at the unlikely escapades of eccentric millionaire Jacques Lebaudy, who believed he was a sovereign emperor while living in a Gilded Age Salisbury estate. Explore the exponential growth of one of New York's original school districts, full of political interference and drama that climaxed with a Pete Seeger performance sanctioned by the Court of Appeals of the State of New York

Dr. Scott M. Eckers

Author, educator and entertainer Dr. Scott M. Eckers is a trustee and past president of the East Meadow Union Free School District. In 2016, he wrote East Meadow, part of Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series, and previously helped to establish and curate the Swan Lake Historical Pavilion in the Sullivan County Catskills.

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