This image is the cover for the book The Last of the Bear Tribe

The Last of the Bear Tribe

Sam and Jemma stood facing the oncoming raiders with no weapons. As the raider drew near, the air shimmers by Sam and Jemma’s right hands; an axe appeared in Sam’s hand, while a sword appeared in Jemma’s. The raiders were dead in a few heartbeats and the weapons shimmered out of existence. The bears were back.

Joey Tawil

Joey, a Lebanese father of two, living in Dubai, has always been a storyteller. He started off by reading bedtime stories to his children and then moved on to creating his own stories where the kids were the protagonists. Being a veteran advertising and marketing person, Joey is well known for his creative ideas and strategic thinking allowing him to build stories for brands through his advertising and marketing career. This inspired him to write stories for his own children building on his family’s nickname “The Bears” in his hometown of Brummana.

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