This image is the cover for the book Almighty Conceited Sovereign, Volume 7

Almighty Conceited Sovereign, Volume 7

Fang Shao Bai was betrayed by a slave and framed and dropped into the abyss. Everyone thought he was dead. He didn't except that he fell on a huge snowdrop.This is a magical snowdrop. Not only defeating two huge monsters easily for him, it but slao helped Fang Shaobai strengthen his physique, which greatly improved his cultivation. Thinking getting this snow lotus was lucky enough, he did not expect that there would be more amazing adventures waiting for him in the future ...☆About the Author☆On the eighth of May, a well-known online novelist, he has authored many novels, of which Almighty Conceited Sovereign has received more attention, and most readers have given this book a high score.

Wu YueChuBa, Babel Novel