This image is the cover for the book Star Academy, Volume 1

Star Academy, Volume 1

A storm suddenly rose in the Star Academy. Strength faction? Idol Faction? A love affair? An extramarital play?He was an illustrious future superstar, but in the eyes of the 'Three Most Students' of Star Academy, Ding Yi, there was not much difference between him and a piece of Red Braised Meat.She was a knowledgeable professor's daughter, but in the eyes of a super beautiful man, she was no different from an unthinking apple.And he, a teacher dedicated to performing, wanted to help his lovely cousin fulfill her dream.[The wind and the snow are beautiful, the swords are swords, the spears are swords, the swords are swords, the sweet and tender, the sweet and the sad and the happy are all in love with each other, are they acting, or are they acting for real?]Beautiful women are like the clouds, handsome men are like grass, so no matter if you are an idol or a real person, whether it is a fake show or a real love affair, you must put all your effort into performing here, otherwise, don't even think about graduating!No matter if you are a powerhouse or an idol, in a Star Academy, you will be the future star if you go all out.

Tong Tong, Lemon Novel