This image is the cover for the book Behind the Screen

Behind the Screen

This story is about Noah, a trusting 12-year-old boy whose entire life becomes turned upside down and taken to the edge of ruin when he is befriended by an online stranger with a malicious streak, named Andy. Noah, who prides himself on his online gaming skills gets lured by his ‘new friend’ with the offer of something more realistic and exciting; a physical game of dare and challenge! On successful completion of all given tasks, Noah would be rewarded with a lifetime membership to an ‘exclusive club’ for brave boys! The story unfolds into a world of consequences which can happen when you befriend and place your trust in those whom you cannot see ‘behind the screen’. Indeed, Noah’s whole life into adulthood becomes blemished by the fateful meeting with this immoral stranger, who becomes relentless in his quest to sabotage Noah’s life. There will be no rest until Andy has successfully destroyed Noah’s life, somebody will ultimately die! But who will be the one to survive this perilous journey!

Suzanne Summerill Sultan

Suzanne, who is originally from Wales is the mother of three girls. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Dubai, UAE. Her passion is writing about causes and issues which question moral awareness. Her portfolio includes a set of picture books about morals for primary school children and more recently, a road-safety picture book for a road-safety campaign, with the focus being on the importance of wearing safety belts. Suzanne’s interest in internet stranger-danger was recently aroused when her daughter came home from school with a message about a sinister online game called ‘Blue Whale’ which had been luring young people into suicide challenges!

Austin Macauley Publishers