This image is the cover for the book Lone Wolf, Wolf Pack

Lone Wolf, Wolf Pack

Don't miss this Aurora Award finalist and the thrilling sequel to the Aurora Award and Silver Birch Award-winning novel Wolf Pack, the inspiration for the highly anticipated original series coming to Paramount+

Caught between the human world—and the world of the wolf pack…

High school is hard enough for most teens but for Noble, Harlan, Argus and Tora, some days can be a real howl. Born wolves, the shape-shifting siblings have spent most of their lives in human form, taking to the woods to enjoy their animal strength in secret. But all that could change at any moment…

For it’s only a matter of time before Harlan pounces on his high school nemesis, revealing his feral nature to all. Before Tora shares the pack’s secret with the classmate she’s got a major crush on. Before restless Argus gets fed up with trying to be a good student and disappears into the forest forever. As for Noble, he’s struggling to keep the pack together, all while fighting to save their forest home from corporate interests threatening to destroy it.

Then a lone creature reveals himself to the pack, leading them back to the story of their violent origin. Soon one of them will be forced to make a choice between the blood bond of the pack—and the powerful call of the wild…

Praise for Lone Wolf
“The rapidly shifting pace and believable characters will appeal to teen enthusiasts of this genre. The simple language is appropriate for those who may have difficulty with more complicated novels, yet the book contains enough edginess to not turn off reluctant readers. It is a recommended series for novice fantasy fans.” — VOYA

“…an action-packed sequel to WOLF PACK.” — Toronto Star

“…an enjoyable tale.” — School Library Journal

“It is unusual for a sequel to be even as good as an original novel, and it’s even rarer for it to be better, but that’s the situation with LONE WOLF, the sequel to WOLF PACK. ... Highly Recommended.” — CM Magazine (University of Manitoba)

Edo van Belkom

Bram Stoker and Aurora Award winner Edo van Belkom is the author of two hundred stories of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, which have appeared in such magazines and anthologies as Storyteller, RPM for Truckers, Year’s Best Horror Stories, and The Mammoth Book of On the Road. He is also the author of “Mark Dalton: Owner/Operator,” an ongoing adventure serial about a private investigator turned trucker that has been published continuously in the monthly trade magazine Truck News since June of 1999. His more than twenty books to date include the novels Scream Queen, Martyrs, and Teeth and the short story collections Death Drives a Semi and Six-Inch Spikes. Born in Toronto in 1962, Edo worked as a daily newspaper sports and police reporter for five years before becoming a full-time freelance writer in 1992. He lives in Brampton, Ontario, with his wife, Roberta, and son, Luke.

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