This image is the cover for the book Post-War Trilogy, The Post-War Trilogy

Post-War Trilogy, The Post-War Trilogy

Three post–World War II adventure novels inspired by real events—from an acclaimed British author who “skillfully blends fact with fiction” (Time Out London).

After Midnight: Ryan’s novel, based on a true story, begins with a letter from Australian bomber pilot Bill Carr to his daughter on her first birthday in 1944. That same day, he takes off on a mission over the mountains of Northern Italy and is never heard from again. Twenty years later, Lindy Carr arrives in Italy to find out what happened to her father. Her guide is Jack Kirby, a daredevil motorcycle racer and pilot who flew Mosquito fighters in the war and spent time among the Italian partisans. What Jack and Lindy uncover in the Italian Alps will change both their lives forever.

“Ryan’s mastery of 1940s detail and his ability to discover intriguing but unvisited byways of the war can be taken for granted; but the more recent storyline shows him equally adept at handling a 1960s setting.” —The Sunday Times

The Last Sunrise: The real history of World War II’s most daring fighter squadron is the inspiration for this riveting novel of adventure and romance in the Far East. In 1941, Lee Crane was a Flying Tiger, one of dozens of American pilots recruited to join the Chinese Air Force in the fight against the Japanese. Wild in the air and on the ground, the Tigers broke hearts all over Burma, and Crane was no different—until he fell in love with a stunning Anglo-Indian widow. But in the chaos of war, Crane lost track of the woman of his dreams, and spent the next seven years convincing himself it wasn’t meant to be. Now a chance encounter with another long-lost beauty has him ready to plunge back into the past, praying he will come up with a different answer this time.

“The flying scenes are brilliantly handled. Ryan’s research is impressive. . . . Bold and successful.” —The Sunday Times

Dying Day: In this Cold War spy thriller based on actual case files, a woman is willing to do whatever it takes to bring her sister home. In the darkest days of World War II, Laura McGill and her sister, Diana, ventured behind enemy lines on behalf of Britain’s Special Operations Executive. Now it is 1948, four years since Diana disappeared inside occupied France, and Laura has reached a point of desperation that leads her to kidnap the head clerk of the SOE at gunpoint to learn the name of the spy who ran her sister’s last mission. That spy, James Hadley Webb, will take Laura to the divided city of Berlin, where he is waging a shadow war of influence and intrigue—and losing. Laura’s arrival may be just what Webb needs to stop his agents from dying.

“Thrilling post war espionage action.” —Tatler

Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan was born in Liverpool and has worked as a race car mechanic, journalist, jazz composer, university lecturer, and more. He has written many novels, including Early One Morning, a Sunday Times (UK) bestseller. He lives in North London with his wife, three children, a dog, and a deaf cat.

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