This image is the cover for the book A River Through My Desert

A River Through My Desert

How do we find our way out of our fears and terrors? Also, labels placed on us and self-destructive habits? How do we turn our face like a 'flint' towards our God when we can't even face ourselves? Our God is listening and he can bring us out of what we see as impossible to change. If we talk to him, he hears us. There is a river that runs directly under the throne of God and we can untangle our lives in it. These chapters are examples that we don't have to say too much or use just one prayer style as God hears our hearts cry and the holy spirit interprets our words so they are 'in tune' and that is the symphony God hears. I hope this book helps you regain a resurrected skip in your step in this life and become who you were meant to be all along. This book has taken 20 years to write, it is a life journey to get rid of useless destructive habits. My desert was uprooted, barren and dry. Take the first great strides out of the desert you are in. Whatever is left can grow again and change the landscape. Let the river flood your desert.

Penny Ellis

Penny Ellis spent her childhood in Singapore and Cyprus. Her whole family became Christians together in Cyprus in 1973 when she was six years old. Being evacuated in 1974, she was influenced to start writing about overcoming fears. Penny gained a theatre studies degree at London University and started a children's theatre company whilst teaching in the East End of London. Creating educational issue-based shows they were invited to perform at police conferences as well as The Royal Festival Hall. Having battled OCD and self-destructive behaviour, she hopes to help others find that there is a life worth living.

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