This image is the cover for the book The Blue Canvas

The Blue Canvas

A blend of interesting poetry inspired by everyday life things such as the weather, holidays, food, or life in general. Written during lockdown when home-schooling was the new norm, this anthology of poems helps us to remember, be thankful, and be grateful. Listening to the news during the pandemic made people believe that each day was a blessing, and that people should do their best to value their family, friends, and neighbours, and not take each other for granted.

Aretha Tsanga

Aretha Tsanga is a student at Adcote School for Girls in Shropshire. Aretha has made 10 publications, 7 poems and 3 short stories and her work appears in different anthologies. She has written some moving poignant pieces. Her passion for poetry writing was ignited in school a few years ago through creative writing club. Aretha wrote all her poems during lockdown. As a young person, she found lockdown very challenging, but her love for writing kept her going. When not writing, typing or thinking about poems, Aretha loves going for walks with her mum, skipping and going on the monkey bars. She also enjoys spending time kicking football in the garden with her young brother, Ainsley.

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