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Glass Mask, Todd & Georgine

In this Golden Age tale, a writer and his girlfriend take her daughter for a birthday outing that includes a side trip into a murder mystery.

In Skeleton Key, readers were introduced to Georgine Wyeth, a widowed young mother in California who stumbled across a body and walked—she emphatically did not fall—into the arms of Todd McKinnon, a pulp novelist living in the community where the murder took place.

It’s now a few years later, and the couple are taking a car trip with Georgine’s daughter, Barbie. On their way home they stop for what they fondly imagine will be a brief visit with a slightly peculiar family, only to be sucked into the family’s extremely peculiar mystery, involving a disappeared husband, a dead old lady, and mysterious footsteps in the night . . .

First published in 1944, Glass Mask is a fascinating mix of old-fashioned puzzle-mystery and a startlingly modern sensibility—that allows Todd and Georgine to travel together, for example, without the benefit of wedding rings. It’s a delight.

Perfect for fans of Margaret Maron and Craig Rice

“An entertaining tale, and one of Offord's best.” —Susan Dunlap, 1001 Midnights

Lenore Glen Offord

Lenore Glen Offord (1905-1991) was a reviewer and author who wrote mysteries set in and around San Francisco. Offord was the mystery book critic for the San Francisco Chronicle for over 30 years, as well as an avid Sherlock Holmes enthusiast.

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