This image is the cover for the book Curse of the Shadow, Crescent Coven Trilogy

Curse of the Shadow, Crescent Coven Trilogy

With the darkest coven of New Orleans growing their powers, no one is safe.

Odette and her allies barely managed to stay alive by embracing the gifts given to them by the Goddess, but La Magie is bolder and more vicious. More supernaturals are dying, and everyone is looking to Odette for help, but if Crescent Coven calls on the aid of the ancestors, they might be surprised by the help that comes.

When Jasper Doyle leaves the safety of his home, pulled to a city he’s never been to by a force he doesn’t understand, the image of a woman sears into his mind, and his magic calls for her… But New Orleans is a magical battlefield, and the war being fought in the shadows is not just for this woman, but for all of their lives. 

With the help of a sexy werewolf, a tantalizing warlock, and an enticing vampire, Odette readies herself for the fight of her life, with no promise it will be enough to win the war…

Fans of Alice Hoffman and Charlaine Harris will love the magic and mystery of this urban fantasy slow burn romance.

One-click today to discover if one small coven has what it takes to overcome evil.

S. Lawrence, Rebecca Hamilton

She was born in a tiny Missouri town which she left right after graduation. She has a BS in Aeronautics and a MS in Conflict Resolution. She served in the USAF where she met her husband. After living all over the US she now resides outside of New Orleans. She has been and is many things to include Scifi junkie, fangirl, and mom.She loves good food, 80's hairbands, tattoos, and books. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance.

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