This image is the cover for the book Distant Thunder

Distant Thunder

A “beautiful tale of a childhood love that grows into an adult passion” set against the romance, adventure and danger of the Old West (Romantic Times).

After surviving the massacre of her parents by Confederate deserters, Susan Hurst is placed in an orphanage. There, she’s drawn to the holy orders, and begins training to be a nun. But all the while she is tormented by thoughts of her young protector in the orphanage, how she loves him, how she still thinks of him . . .

Daniel Crocker lost his family young, and learned to fight for himself—and others—at the children’s home. Now, he’s famed as one of the hardest, most ruthless frontier lawmen to ever slap leather. But just as he’s ready to take a rest from his violent labors, he receives word that the little girl he used to stand up for is about to take her vows—and be lost to him forever . . .

Brought together by a chance reunion in Wyoming Territory, Susan and Daniel find their hearts still bound by unspoken love. But before they can pursue a future together, they will have to confront the past that holds them apart.

Lisa Bingham

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