This image is the cover for the book Frontier Forts and Outposts of New Mexico, Military

Frontier Forts and Outposts of New Mexico, Military

Life in early New Mexico was often perilous. Geographic isolation attracted outlaws and ruffians, and skirmishes often arose between the indigenous tribes and settlers. In response, the U.S. government set up military forts and outposts to protect its new citizens. These strongholds include Fort Craig, where logs were made to look like cannons to fool Confederate troops. Kit Carson, John Pershing and Billy the Kid all called Fort Stanton home, before it became the first federal tuberculosis sanatorium and later a detention center for German prisoners of war. Author Donna Blake Birchell relates little-known yet highly important Civil War battles, the tragedies of the Navajo and Mescalero Apache internments and other dramatic frontier stories.

Donna Blake Birchell

Donna Blake Birchell is a New Mexico native. Her passion for writing began when she wrote her first short story at age twelve. Now the author of eight books on New Mexico and Texas, she enjoys bringing their fascinating history to readers. The thrill of research, hearing a fresh take on an old story and playing detective is what keeps her delving into the rich history of the area. Donna's proudest accomplishments are her two sons who live much too far, in her opinion, from her Carlsbad home.

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