This image is the cover for the book The Presidential Years: From Dr. Jonathan to Gen. Buhari, Volume 1

The Presidential Years: From Dr. Jonathan to Gen. Buhari, Volume 1

What well-meaning Nigerians hope is that the Buhari administration meets their expectations in the change they desired and voted for. The administration should continue to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor, build upon those mistakes and deliver from that knowledge. The Buhari administration should appreciate this fact. It is the truth spoken to authority.
When Jonathan was there, he inherited and had to deal with many problems, just as the new Buhari administration is expected to do. Those challenges were there before President Jonathan was elected into office. And he dealt with them as much as he was able to do during his one-term tenure. Some of them will definitely be inherited by the Buhari administration. He, too, will be expected to deal with them to the best of his ability. No one expects all of the country's problems to be solved under one government or under one term of office.
The metamorphoses of armed militant ethnic groups of the Niger Delta, armed resistance of the dreaded Boko Haram in the north-east, the MASSOB and IPOB in the east, OPC in the west, APC in the north--these militant groups were there. They didn't start with Jonathan's administration. They may not end with Buhari's government. Nation-building implies continuity. A new incoming government continues from where its predecessor stopped.

Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo, KSC

Asinugo is a London-based journalist. He was Features Writer for the Daily Star Group of Newspapers and features editor for The Nigerian Statesman, Political Editor and editor of The Horn, Features and Business Editor of African Voice and Editor of Trumpet newspapers. He is currently a columnist with Modern Ghana and The Nigerian Voice newspapers and the Cameroon Web. He is also a guest writer for New York-based Sahara Reporters. He is married to the Rev. Christiana Asinugo, Vicar of St Matthews Church of England, Stratford, London, and they have two grown-up sons, Noble and Chima, two grown-up daughters, Adanna and Ezinne and three grandsons, Raymond, Joshua and William.

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