This image is the cover for the book Surprise at the Beach

Surprise at the Beach

Luke and his rescue dog always love hanging out at the beach when the time allows: plenty of open space to run around, waves crashing gently over soft golden sand, and all practically on his doorstep. What’s not to like?
But one trip is unlike any other – Buddy unexpectedly sniffs out a tiny wee kitten in the sand dunes who is obviously very lost. Tending to the poor creature back at home, Luke starts to feel attached, despite needing to return the kitten to its rightful owners.
Upon leaving the kitten in a household with two very unruly children, he is uneasy about whether or not he’s done the right thing, until he hears the family are trying to find him a new home.
Will Luke be able to keep the kitten? Or will someone else get to him first…?

Alison Bellringer

Alison has been writing short stories to share with friends and family for many years and always enjoys exploring her creativity when putting pen to paper. She is excited to have the opportunity to share her love of writing with others.
She loves spending time with her own dog, a Labrador cross Huntaway called Smoky, teaching her tricks and taking her for walks. She lives in a small town in New Zealand near many beautiful parks and beaches.
Alison has been playing trombone for thirteen years, euphonium for three, and always likes getting together with a few friends to ‘make a joyful noise’. She also enjoys a bit of photography when she gets the chance, especially if it involves taking pictures of sunsets.

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