This image is the cover for the book Thingy Things Volume 3, Thingy Things

Thingy Things Volume 3, Thingy Things

Buggy Bug has something to say. But what could it be? Crabby Crab is not in a good mood. No, Crabby Crab would rather complain than do anything else! Cowy Cow has so many ideas. In fact, she has one hundred of them! Clammy Clam is so shy he refuses to say a simple “hello.” In these short stories from master illustrator Chris Raschka, four funny animals will do as they please—and might just learn something in the end.

This is a fixed-format ebook, which preserves the design and layout of the original print book.

Chris Raschka

Chris Raschka (b. 1959) is an author and illustrator of picture books. He was born in Pennsylvania and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois. He began painting as a child but was also interested in becoming a doctor, so he got a college degree in biology and applied to medical school. On the first day of class, though, he changed his mind. Raschka began to write and draw professionally; his early books include the Caldecott Honor winner Yo! Yes? (1993), The Blushful Hippopotamus (1996),and Arlene Sardine (1998). He has won acclaim for his striking, minimalist style and his ability to tell a story with just one or two dozen words. An accomplished violist, Raschka has also written many books about music, including John Coltrane’s Giant Steps (2002), Simple Gifts (1998), and Charlie Parker Played Be Bop (1992). He has won Caldecott medals for The Hello, Goodbye Window (2005) and A Ball for Daisy (2011), an entirely wordless book.

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