This image is the cover for the book Gijima


Gijima is a newly-hatched baby tortoise. One day, he decides he would like to leave the safety of the tortoise sanctuary, where he lives with his mother and siblings, and take a trip to see the world. He soon discovers that the life of a tortoise has many dangers. He must learn new lessons to avoid being harmed and captured. In the end, he makes a friend and they travel together helping other animals.

Lorna Lamberti

Lorna Lamberti is an administrative assistant born in Gwelo, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) who moved with her family to South Africa at the age of seven. Growing up with her two sisters on a farm, she developed her love of animals. Attending school in Bryanston, Lorna later studied accounting and business administration. Now happily married and a mother, working together with her husband of 25 years in his engineering company, she recently studied sales and draughting. Lorna has a love of children and her greatest desire is to encourage children to read and write their own stories to promote understanding and kindness for the preservation of all living creatures.

Austin Macauley Publishers