This image is the cover for the book Ancient Divine Emperor, Volume 2

Ancient Divine Emperor, Volume 2

Killing intent filled the sky, and the stars began to spin. Killing intent filled the air. Dragons, snakes, and landings. The people in the area were filled with killing intent, and the Heavens were overturned.

In the four directions of the universe, smoke and dust began to rise. The people of the world appeared one after another. Within the seemingly powerful imperial court, a hundred sons of bitches were fighting to ascend to the throne, and the world was in turmoil. The fallen prince Hong Yu, who had obtained a martial talisman by chance, rose to prominence at the end of the day. He continued to push himself forward, reaching the ninth heaven just for the sake of proving himself to be the Primordial God Emperor. PS. Baby who likes this book, can add penguin group: 596284486

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