This image is the cover for the book Poetsy


Everyone feels, but not everyone proves it the same way.

Some sing, others shout.

Some rhyme, others curse.

Some dance, others hit.

These are examples of how we try to get people to understand, “I’m feeling this way, and I want you to know about it!”

This book has some of my examples, and since I consider these healthy expressions, I hope they will help you find your own.

David Deutsch

David Deutsch (he prefers “just Dave”) has only been writing poetry for a short time, but has no intention of ever quitting.  A Pennsylvania resident all his life, he has degrees from both, the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dave says poetry has value, because “it is a way to talk about those things that are most important yet hardest to explain, like love.”

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