This image is the cover for the book Zapple Diaries

Zapple Diaries

A revealing history of the Beatles’ experimental record label, as told by the label’s manager.

In August 1968, the Beatles launched their greatest business enterprise, Apple Records, to international fanfare. The less well-known story is the introduction of their Zapple label about nine months later. If Apple represented artists with new, commercial opportunities, Zapple offered more cutting-edge freedom; its mission was to distribute experimental music and spoken word recordings from the leading avant-garde figures of the time. The brainchild of Paul McCartney, the label captured the counterculture spirit of the 1960s by collaborating with Yoko Ono alongside John Lennon, Allen Ginsberg, Richard Brautigan, Charles Bukowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Charles Olson.

The Zapple Diaries is the first full-length look at the enterprise, as well as a true insider account from Barry Miles, the label’s manager who went on to become a leading authority and chronicler of ‘60s culture. He provides insight into the colorful lives and working methods of the artists and discloses the fascinating story of the experimental venture, ultimately offering up a revealing and engaging account of this little-known chapter of Beatles history.

Barry Miles

Barry Miles writes about the Beat Generation and 1960s culture and is the author of more than 50 books, including the authorized Paul McCartney biography. From 1975 to 1978, he was a regular writer for New Musical Express, and in 1978 he edited Time Out (UK). He lives in London.