This image is the cover for the book Bigger


Brokenness always leads to bigger in the hands of the ultimate Rebuilder . . .

When Kristan Dooley met a first grader fighting an intense form of cancer amid unimaginable living conditions, she pleaded with God to make sense of it all. God handed her the word bigger. “It didn’t take long to realize bigger wasn’t just for Yosselin,” she writes about the first grader. “If we surrender to God’s process, He will take the broken things in our lives and work them out to be bigger. And what He rebuilds will never be broken again.”

Through the experiences of people like Yosselin and Kristan, and the lives of biblical figures such as Nehemiah, who was divinely burdened by the broken walls surrounding Jerusalem, you’ll discover a God who isn’t intimidated by any degree of devastation. In fact, He loves to make bigger from what’s broken. Bigger will open your heart to God’s brand of boldness and restoration, allowing Him to work bigger in your marriage, your children, your friendships, your church and community, and guiding you to be bigger in your faith, your fight, and your future. He longs to be greater in you and through you. Step into the impossible—and start living bigger with God!

Kristan Dooley, Joe Boyd

Equipped with a master’s degree in Christian Education from Cincinnati Christian Seminary and twelve years of ministry experience, Kristan Dooley loves taking people deeper into their relationship with Christ. She writes for InWord Resources, speaks at churches and events, and is launching a mission community in an abandoned firehouse in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

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