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Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat, Classics To Go

The third in Bramah's Kai Lung series of fantasy novels. Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat, like the others in the series consists of thinly connected stories related by Kai Lung, concerning the adventures of the storyteller and his lady love Hwa-Mei versus the wicked but ever-smooth Mandarin Shan Tien and his despicable accomplice Ming-Shu. Kai Lung's adventures are related with humour and irony, his shrewdness and wisdom conveyed in euphemisms, paradoxes and parables. Bramah's droll writing style went a long way toward making the Kai Lung series so popular. (Goodreads)

Ernest Bramah

Ernest Bramah (20 March 1868 – 27 June 1942), whose name was recorded after his birth as Ernest Brammah Smith, was an English author. He published 21 books and numerous short stories and features. His humorous works were ranked with Jerome K. Jerome and W. W. Jacobs. (Wikipedia)