This image is the cover for the book Algernon's Journey

Algernon's Journey

Algernon is a beautiful cat with a good life, but he thinks there must be more out there for him. One day he decides to go out and find the life and family he thinks he deserves, and makes some interesting discoveries. Algernon's Journey is an exciting and heartwarming tale that will delight children and cat-lovers of all ages.

Kymberley Kruger

Kymberley studied Education at Flinders University in South Australia and spent some time teaching grades two to four. A career change led her to the Public Service, where she has worked for a number of Commonwealth agencies. Kymberley loves to travel and has had some incredible experiences, including six months sailing from the USA to Australia. She also has an interest in health, nutrition, and fitness, regularly signing up to runs, rides and obstacle course for the ‘bling’ at the end or cooking up a storm at home.