This image is the cover for the book Devil Emperor Pampers Loser Princess, Volume 8

Devil Emperor Pampers Loser Princess, Volume 8

She was a top assassin in the 21st century! It was the trash, the Third Young Miss, that the people of Zi Yue despised!

He was the master of the Blood Underworld. He was incomparably handsome, talented, cold, domineering, and incomparable to a woman!

Everyone in the world had insulted her as a worthless trash. He was the only one who had seen through everything. He treated her like a priceless treasure that he would never abandon! She also vowed to take his hand and experience the world!

And let's see how they will step up to the peak of the world step by step and look down on the whole world!

A certain woman with a head full of black lines looked behind her, eagerly chasing after her. A certain man with a face full of smiles, the corner of his mouth twitched!

Are you sure this is the Lord of Blood Underworld?

What about the callousness they said?

What happened to not being close to a woman?

Yu Qiao, Lemon Novel