This image is the cover for the book British Railway Infrastructure Since 1970

British Railway Infrastructure Since 1970

With words and pictures, a railway enthusiast examines the huge changes in the British railway network over a 50-year period.

Looking at trains in Great Britain from 1970 to 2020, we see how steam-age infrastructure has gradually given way to a streamlined modern railway. The beginning of the period saw the final stages of the Beeching cuts, with the closure of some rural branches and lesser-used stations. Since the 1980s, the tide has turned, and numerous lines and stations have joined or rejoined the network. As for freight, we see how the complex operations of the 20th century have been replaced by a far smaller number of specialized terminals, while marshalling yards in the traditional sense have all but disappeared. And the long process of updating our railway signaling has continued apace, even though some semaphore gems have managed to survive into the 21st century.

“This book looks at all the various changes that have taken place in Britain’s railways since 1970 . . . . Such things as freight, stations closing and opening, or re-opening, locomotive depots and signaling are all covered in detail. What makes this book so good is the number of photographs supplied by the author ranging from back in the 1970s to the present. This is a book worth having if you are interested in the infrastructure of Britain's railways. Beautifully illustrated.” —Branch Line Britain

“An interesting and recommended work.” —West Somerset Railway Association

Paul D. Shannon

Pen and Sword / Pen and Sword Transport