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11 Seconds to Success

Snapchat drawings

Are you interested in social media success stories? Here's a living your dreams story that should inspire everyone - the living your dreams story of CyreneQ, a modern Cinderella fairy tale. (See: "Here’s how a 26 year-old is making up to $30,000 per Snap on Snapchat", by Morgan Linton, co-founder of Fashion Metric, November 30, 2016)

Creative snapchats & funny snapchat drawings: The next time you are sitting in a long, boring meeting and your mind starts to wander might be the very moment you find your destiny. That is exactly what happened to Cyreneq who began doodling funny Snapchat drawings during a particularly snoozy conference room session. Soon after, she went on to rule that burgeoning social media platform with her Snapchat art and her funny Snapchat drawings. Cyrene Quiamco has become a prominent personality with her creative Snapchats on a social media platform that is designed to make content disappear. Since joining Snapchat, Quiamco (who goes by "CyreneQ" across most social media) has amassed a following for her whimsical Snapchat art ? from celebrity portraits to collages of Disney characters ? and interactive creative Snapchats. She engages her community with her highly imaginative and appealing art, quizzes, games and questions, transforming a series of short-lived snaps into a conversation. She's also the creator of, a blog and community for creators of Snapchat art to share their work off the platform. Award-winning CyreneqQ was recently nominated for the Shorty Award which recognizes the best in social media.

Living your dreams - Do what you love: This modern fairy tale story (complete with Disney Princess self-portraits of the artist) starts in the Philippines where her family comes from. Cyrene gets her moxie, drive, spirit of self-invention and incredible work ethic from her mom, whom she counts as a main inspiration to be fearless and go for living your dreams. As she puts it, “I've always been an artist ever since elementary school, but I didn't really know how to apply that to the real world.” How she applied her artistry and originality to the modern world of social media is one of the most fantastic social media success stories of the 21st century.

Do what you love the money will follow: Cyrene's Cinderella "living your dreams" story is one that will have you dusting off your dreams. Cyreneq reminds us all of the power of our own imagination. Unleash that and nothing can stop you!

What you’ll learn inside 11 Seconds to Success: • How to harness your personal creativity and apply it to the real world • What CyreneQ really means in her motto “No excuses for starving artists!” • That if you "do what you love the money will follow" • How to up your social media IQ and your earning quotient, too!

Cyrene Quiamco

Named by Cosmopolitan as one of the Most Fascinating People on the Internet in 2015, Cyrene is known for her interactive, fun, and creative Snapchats. She is the founder of, a website dedicated to showcasing amazing people on Snapchat. Before her social media fame, she was an honor scholar graduating in four years with four majors in graphic design, digital graphics, ceramics and painting. She received a job as a web designer for a major telecom company after graduating. Her full name is Salathiel Cyrene Ganzon Quiamco. She was born in Bacolod City, Philippines and moved to the U.S. in 1997 with her mother and younger sister.