This image is the cover for the book Tippy’s New Friend

Tippy’s New Friend

Embark on an enchanting adventure in Tippy’s New Friend, where imagination takes flight and the extraordinary becomes reality. Join Tippy as she encounters an unexpected visitor – a flying white dragon. But wait, dragons aren’t real… or are they? The captivating presence of this majestic creature leaves Tippy questioning everything she thought she knew.

In a tale brimming with curiosity and bravery, Tippy navigates the realm of the impossible. Determined to unravel the mystery, she musters the courage to engage with her newfound friend. Will she be devoured or greeted with warmth? The journey begins with a simple introduction, a leap of faith into the unknown.


jsburl is a hemorrhagic stroke survivor who lives in Northern NY. She has always loved her family, the mountains, dragons, kayaking, swimming, gardening, writing poetry and stories, oil painting, dragons, and animals large and small. Oh, and did I say dragons? She lives with the family dog, Tippy, and has just finished her master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire in Creative Writing. The stroke took her mobility, but not her creativity. Her favorite thing to tell people is “Make every day an extraordinary day.”