This image is the cover for the book Experience Apocalypse with the Space, Volume 3

Experience Apocalypse with the Space, Volume 3

Yang Qian had a good saying in her previous life that was called 'bland life'.

In fact, he was simply unable to achieve anything in this life!

It was not easy to be born rich in this life,

It was a pity that this was an illegitimate daughter that Xiao San had not been able to succeed in rising up.

Alright, this isn't a problem. It's fine as long as I'm rich.

She had to accept a man she didn't want?

The rich and powerful life they spoke of had gone bankrupt for the Mao Corporation?

Dear, don't play the apocalypse this kind of thing isn't fun at all!

Fortunately, both his Discipline and space were in his hands.

What? Other people also have their own space, and you can sell things that you grow?

As a result, the apocalypse had arrived …

Xing Luoni, Lemon Novel