This image is the cover for the book Haunted Cemeteries of Ohio, Haunted America

Haunted Cemeteries of Ohio, Haunted America

Listen to the unrestful dead of the Buckeye State

Throughout Ohio, chilling tales abound of places where the dead do not rest in their peaceful earthen beds. At a field east of Cleveland, a ghost once led an unsuspecting man to the hidden grave of a missing farmworker. The strains of a long-dead violinist's instrument continue to echo across the hillside at a cemetery outside Cincinnati. Near Columbus, a small country graveyard is haunted by the spirit of a young girl with an ancestral connection to a dark chapter of America's past.

Join writer and ghost tour guide E.R. Cutright as he shares these tales and more on a journey into the haunted cemeteries of Ohio.

E.R. Cutright

E.R. Cutright is the founder of Columbus Ghost Tours in Columbus, Ohio, where he has been sharing tales of history, mystery and legend since 2012.

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