This image is the cover for the book The Full Circle

The Full Circle

When she was 15, she made a special wish. She asked the soul of a deceased rock star, whom she adored, to arrange for her to meet the people he loved the most. Several years later strange things started happening in her life. Three people in three years. Three signs of love.

Sara and Mark. Two people living in a different country, speaking different languages, occupying a different world. He, a successful Viennese director, teamed up with jealous assistant Elke, insecure Mike, and James, who likes his bottle of Scotch.

On the other hand, Sara, a woman of no obvious importance, lives an uneventful life within a dysfunctional relationship, whose only pleasure is her little daughter Francesca. When she undergoes an adventurous journey that reconnects her with a long-lost relative and learns new facts about her own family, it seems to be more than she asked for. Just when she thought that the circle was full, life will bring her unexpected surprises, revelations, and new meaning to everything.

Teri Vinopal

Teri Vinopal was born in Prague in 1979, where she studied and lived until her twenties. She then moved on to live in Ireland for seven years. Her love of writing dates back to her childhood. She wrote many articles related to music when she worked for Queen Fanclub. In her leisure time, she keeps working on her blog. Writing is one of her biggest passions, along with photography, traveling, music, and genealogy. She continues to live in Prague with her daughter, Sara Francesca.

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