This image is the cover for the book Super Call of the LOL, Volume 1

Super Call of the LOL, Volume 1

An ordinary young man like Chen Fan occasionally obtained a summoning scroll from the Hero Alliance in the future.From then on, Chen Fan and the heroes he summoned had created a colorful comedy in the city …"Master, it's done, except for 2 guys …"Chen Fan calmly said, "Don't worry, you want to run? Running in front of me is the biggest mistake of his life. Card, EZ, captain, Panson, Ice, Dead Song, Lax will destroy him!Ah? Cooldown? Forget it, let them go. Wishing them a chance to live through Timmer's Mushroom Formation...What? They didn't go that way? It's okay, there's still the clown's box there, right? What? You're not going there either? "Hehe, don't be afraid, there are still two cannons with big heads over there …"This book uses ease as the main melody, interspersed with all sorts of funny plot. Newcomer's pen, limited brush, if unsatisfied, please forgive me.

Zlp. LiuDaoLunHui, Babel Novel