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Cultivating Mentors

Many colleges and universities informally highlight the value of mentoring among academic professionals. Yet scholars often lack clear definitions, goals, practices, and commitments that help them actually reap the benefits mentoring offers. As new faculty members from younger generations continue to face evolving challenges while also reshaping institutions, their ability to connect with more experienced mentors is critical to their vocations—and to the future of higher education.

In Cultivating Mentors, a distinguished group of contributors explores the practice of mentoring in Christian higher education. Drawing on traditional theological understandings of the mentee-mentor relationship, they consider what goals should define such relationships and what practices make their cultivation possible among educators. With special attention to generational dynamics, they discuss how mentoring can help institutions navigate generational faculty transitions and cultivate rising leaders. Contributors include:

David Kinnaman Tim Clydesdale Margaret Diddams Edgardo Colón-Emeric Rebecca C. Hong Tim Elmore Beck A. Taylor Stacy A. Hammons

This book offers valuable insights and practical recommendations for faculty members, administrators, and policy makers. Whether pursuing their vocation in Christian or secular institutions, Christian scholars will benefit from the sharing of wisdom mapped out in Cultivating Mentors.

Todd C. Ream, Jerry Pattengale, Christopher J. Devers, Mark R. Schwehn

Todd C. Ream is professor of higher education at Taylor University, publisher of Christian Scholar's Review, and a senior fellow with the Lumen Research Institute.

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