This image is the cover for the book Dead Catch, RV Mysteries

Dead Catch, RV Mysteries

Retirement is the perfect time to travel the country, enjoy the grandkids—and solve some murders . . .

Retired robbery/homicide detective Hank Moran and his wife, Helen, are off on another adventure darting around the country in their motorhome. They’d like to make a stop in Amish country—just a little detour on their way to the White House, where they’ve been invited for dinner with the president as well as the senator whose life Hank recently saved.

But most of all they look forward to spending time with their grandson Chip, and taking him on a pleasant weekend fishing trip to a Louisiana state park. But Chip hooks into something a bit more interesting than a five-pound bass . . .

L. D. Knorr

Sunbury Press, Inc.