This image is the cover for the book Female Exorcist in Ming Dynasty, Volume 4

Female Exorcist in Ming Dynasty, Volume 4

Six years.A bizarre murder case had occurred in Zhenjiang City. People had been killed one after another. The manner in which they died was extremely horrifying. The Embroidered Uniform Guard knew of Lu Zhannan, so they led their subordinate, the Embroidered Uniform Commandant, to investigate.On the way back to Jinling City, Lu Zhinan ran into a monster, and was saved by the female Heavenly Master Fang Miao, and the two of them got to know each other.In the Great Ming Dynasty, where prosperity and vicissitudes coexisted, many bizarre things happened. While it seemed like a coincidence, it was actually inextricably linked.Fang Miaomiao and Lu Zhennan again and again in the long journey of beheading demons and demons, life and death and mutual love.

Shi Yieleven, Lemon Novel