This image is the cover for the book Refining Heaven and Earth, Book 4

Refining Heaven and Earth, Book 4

When the heaven and earth first opened, a great divine wind began to refine stones to nourish the heavens, leaving the Heavenly Cauldron in the mortal world.

After hundreds of thousands of years, Fang Bai had no intention of obtaining the Heavenly Refining Cauldron. He was ambushed by his fellow brothers, blessed by the Heavenly Refining Cauldron, and reincarnated.

In this lifetime, Fang Bai had unraveled the secrets of the Heavenly Refining Cauldron and continued onward, discovering the cruelest secret in the world!

And to see how Fang Bai would go against the heavens!

Yuan Jing, Babel Novel