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Jeffrey Konvitz’s New York Times–bestselling horror novel about a young woman descending into demonic madness who discovers it’s not simply in her mind

Aspiring model Allison Parker finally moves into her dream apartment: a brownstone on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. But her perfect home quickly turns hellish.

The building is filled with a cast of sinister tenants, including a reclusive blind priest, who seems to watch her day and night through an upstairs window. Eventually, Allison starts hearing strange noises from the empty apartment above hers. Before long, she uncovers the building’s demonic secret and is plunged into a nightmare of sinful misdeeds and boundless evil.

In the tradition of Rosemary’s Baby, this gripping novel was adapted into a feature film starring Ava Gardner, Cristina Raines, and Chris Sarandon. The Sentinel is classic horror at its best.

Jeffrey Konvitz

Born in New York City, Jeffrey Konvitz is an entertainment lawyer, film producer, and novelist. A graduate of Cornell University and Columbia Law School, Konvitz has both written a New York Times bestseller (The Sentinel) and produced a film whose worldwide box office gross exceeded $100 million (Spy Hard).
His first novel, The Sentinel (1974), was second on the New York Times Mass-Market Best Seller list and is considered to be a horror classic. After writing and producing the film adaptation of The Sentinel for Universal Pictures in 1977, Konvitz published two more bestselling novels: The Guardian (1979), the sequel to The Sentinel; and Monster (1982).
Konvitz has served as executive producer and financing counsel for three major motion pictures: O JerusalemI Could Never Be Your Woman, and The Flock. He is currently working on a historical novel, The Circus of Satan, about the late-nineteenth-century destruction of the national Irish Mob and the subsequent rise of Italians and Jews in nationwide politics and crime in the early twentieth century.
Konvitz is also preparing the third book in the Sentinel Trilogy, which continues the saga from where The Guardian left off.
He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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