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Stavros Keenan Memoirs

Stavros Keenan wrote this entertaining and eye-catching book to recall his experiences in a full and on-occasion illustrious life. He openly discusses losing his virginity…or so he believes, which will be similar and familiar and have daunting memories which he shares with many men of all ages. He writes about some of his experiences as a young boy. He gives a graphic and full description of his basic training when joining the Royal Air Force and the shock of what he encountered. Some of the good and bad experiences of living and working in Saudi Arabia, both in the Royal Air Force and as a civilian employee working for BAE Systems and a few interesting people he was acquainted with. There are a number of hilarious stories including a camping trip where the author's brother invited his wife, the incidence of confusion and understanding of a phrase used in the UK when translated in Greek Cypriot gave a different meaning. There is also a relationship with a colleague which caused more than a bad working environment. Oh yes…and that very expensive holiday to Disneyland, Florida!

Stavros Keenan

Stavros Keenan was born on 13th December 1969, in a military hospital, Akrotiri, Cyprus. He has worked as a human-resources professional for 9 years in the Royal Air Force and 18 years in BAE Systems. He has an HR degree (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) and a master's degree. He has two children who are boys, aged 18 and 15.

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