This image is the cover for the book The Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, Volume 4

The Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, Volume 4

The great tribulation of the Primordial Era had the dancing of Fiendgods and Fiendgods, the pacification of Elder Gods, and the three parts of the Ancestral Star, leaving behind the primordial era of spacetime and time to last forever. The Sword God was heavily injured in the Ancient Void Cave and couldn't be cured. He forcefully opened the Ancient Path of Space and Time to return to Earth, leaving behind his legacy for fate. This was a lucky chance that Gu Juntian had come across on Earth. Once he became a god, he would rule the Heaven Realm for 100 thousand years. He deeply missed his parents and his wife, returning to earth after suffering so much and becoming a mortal. And now that the Three Realms had come to an end, Juntian had to shoulder a heavy responsibility. He had to do this for his family, for his friends, and for the lives of the people of the Three Realms. Earth, Human Realm, Earth Realm, Heaven Realm … Outer universe. The journey through the Thorn Rampart had been a battle of wits with the geniuses of various races, powers of the Three Realms, and demons and gods alike. Miracles had been created one after another, leaving behind countless legends …

San LiuXiuCai, Babel Novel