This image is the cover for the book Devil on the Dancefloor

Devil on the Dancefloor

The story consists of people who live happy lives but encounter human barriers and have become strong in mind and soul due to determination. The initials LGBT stand for loving, gentle, beautiful, and transparent. If you investigate them with a broad and open mind you will see their hearts are exactly like everyone else’s: strong and beating. There are many devils not only on the dance floor but in every environment or workplace. The night club and business. A surgeon will operate on a person whoever they are, or who or what they believe in: the body parts are all the same. A firefighter will risk his life to extract a person from a burning building and he thinks only to save a life, with no thought to who they are. This world has many devils in all shapes, forms, and status - one day hopefully they will wake up and smell the coffee.

Barbara Ann Joyce

Considering I was an only child, I always liked mixing and blending with children and later adults. I can make up jokes and stories about anything, so I decided to write a story and send it off to a publisher who has taken me on board. For me, a new journey has begun. Anyone who knows me and has been subjected to my humour would enjoy my writing. Ideas come to me through everyday life and my grandchildren know that I love life even when I participate with my nine-year-old granddaughter on the swings or activity corner at the park. There are plenty of romance, horror, sci-fi and action packed and everyday life stories put into books. But I’ve chosen a different path, for which gender doesn’t matter (i.e., who chooses to read my work). Enjoy.

Austin Macauley Publishers