This image is the cover for the book Blood Bonded

Blood Bonded

Eva Higgins is no stranger to violence. An assassination attempt is just another hazard of her job, especially after being blacklisted by Mr. Roper. Eva only takes mercenary jobs now that align with her own interests and moral code. With the help of her trusty assistant, Derek, she easily stays in the shadows.

But her covert skill craft is no match for Calder. He has traveled across the realms to find her. Backed by the powerful Ceann Olc and fueled by vengeance, he will stop at nothing to see her dead. With a powerful army at his command, Calder’s resources seem unlimited. But when Eva meets Brynjar and her power awakens, her world is turned upside down. She must rely on her friends to help her navigate this new world as enemies from her old life close in. Her training, intuition, and keen senses are put to test as she discovers who is a friend and who is a foe.

Jonathan T. Salisbury

Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, E J Hadley was one of the three siblings brought up by working-class parents. At seventeen, she started a journey that took her to countries far and wide and through adventures one would never expect. She didn’t return to the UK until twenty-nine years later. It was during the first year of her return to the UK that she started to note down events of her life. Whenever she told people about her life and events, they would all listen in astonishment. Some fifteen years later, E J Hadley put pen to paper and started writing her life story. She is a well-travelled and well-spoken lady who has more than just an ordinary tale to tell.

Austin Macauley Publishers