This image is the cover for the book Dudley the Donkey

Dudley the Donkey

Zebedee is an ‘oversized’, mischievous, curly, black Labrador puppy. When his mum and boy, Jammy, go to Great Grandma’s 80th birthday party, Zebedee is sent to Miss Whittle; a dog minder for the night. Zebedee thinks that he is being sent away because he has been so naughty, but that is far from the truth. Mum and Jammy love him very much; so when Zebedee ‘escapes’ from the dog minder, everyone worries about him and what might happen to him, out in a world he is not used to. Will they ever find him? What happens, during Zebedee’s ordeal, surprises everyone.

K. J. Elvin

Austin Macauley Publishers