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Nashville Tales

"Another series of fascinating stories. . . . It is flavorful history, well researched." - Tennessee Historical Quarterly "A welcome addition to the folklore of our region. . . .These vignettes about Nashville's early times, chock full of fascinating lore, are written in a readable style." - Nashville Banner "This book should be in the library of anyone who is interested in the history of Nashville." - The Tennessean In Nashville Tales, her third volume of Tennessee historical tales, the author tracks those bold early adventurers who were bent on seeking personal fame and fortune. These courageous, and often flamboyant, individuals carved the modern state along their way. Nashville, the capital of the Volunteer State, has produced its share of adventurers, fortune seekers, builders, and statesmen whose influence still endures today.

Louise Littleton Davis

An award-winning writer of historical features for the Nashville Tennessean for more than 20 years, Louise Littleton Davis is a former vice-president of the Tennessee Historical Society and currently serves on the board of editorial advisers of the Tennessean Historical Quarterly.

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