This image is the cover for the book Super Leveling System, Book 4

Super Leveling System, Book 4

The super leveling system makes him becoming the lord of all realms, then he can rule everything.

He got the super-leveling-system after his time-crossing. He practiced various martial arts and made progress step by step.

Ever since that, he wasn't afraid of anything and turned his nose on other strong people. From ancient times to present, from hell to heaven, he slaughtered all the way.

Eventually, he became the lord of all realms, which helped him to be worshipped by women all over the world. All his enemies were afraid of him.

☆About the Author☆

Ping Bu Qing Yun is a novelist who does well in fantasy novels. He is rich in imagination. The novel written by him gained a lot of positive compliments by virtue of his humorous language and fantasy imagination. Therefore, his visibility is improved.

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