This image is the cover for the book Death on the Agenda, Henry Tibbett

Death on the Agenda, Henry Tibbett

From the legendary mystery author of Dead Men Don’t Ski. “One of the best recent publications of the fair-play puzzle at novel length.” —The New York Times

Amazingly enough, Henry Tibbett is at work. Crime tends to catch him when he’s on vacation, but this time around Henry’s at a coppers’ conference, an international effort intended to stop drug-smuggling. The conference is in Switzerland (for a Scotland Yard detective, Henry does manage to get around.) and the always sensible Emmy has come along for the parties and the chocolate. It’s a glittering whirl of attractive folks in their best early-1960s attire until one of Henry’s colleagues winds up dead and Henry, of all people, becomes Suspect No. 1. A minor but real pleasure here? The reappearance of some characters from Dead Men Don’t Ski, widening both the Tibbetts’ social circle and the circle of suspects.

“A complicated and clever story, with real detection.” —The Guardian

Praise for Patricia Moyes

“The author who put the ‘who’ back in whodunit.” —Chicago Daily News

“A new queen of crime . . . her name can be mentioned in the same breath as Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh.” —Daily Herald

“An excellent detective novel in the best British tradition. Superbly handled.” —Columbus Dispatch

“Intricate plots, ingenious murders, and skillfully drawn, often hilarious, characters distinguish Patricia Moyes’ writing.” —Mystery Scene

Patricia Moyes

Patricia Moyes (1923-2000) was a British mystery writer best known for her “Henry Tibbet” series of old-fashioned mysteries. During WWII Moyes joined the Royal Air Force and became a radar operator and flight officer. Subsequently, she worked as assistant to actor and director Peter Ustinov, with whom she collaborated on a film script. She also spent some years as assistant editor for British Vogue. A cat lover, Moyes wrote two books about cats.

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