This image is the cover for the book All Because of Daisy

All Because of Daisy

Terence Roberts came to live in Ireland as a middle-aged working man in search of something. He took a gamble when he could have easily stayed comfortable and resigned to the only life he knew. On reflection, he didn’t really know himself as he approached his 50th birthday and he couldn’t see a purposeful future. Everything had been lost amidst the pace and chaos of urban living and life’s natural disappointments. But in rural Ireland, he found himself in a totally different world, finding what was important in his own life whilst rediscovering innocence and hope. Through unique characters, both human and in the field, he was entertained, educated and inspired. All Because of Daisy was written initially for his family and close friends to help explain why he left them to come to live in Ireland and why he stayed. Thanks to his new environment and eye-opening experiences, he begins to make sense of his own life, his past, present and future. He also concludes that while modern-day life is far from simple and is emotionally expensive in many ways, it can also be beautiful and priceless when seen through fresh eyes… but to do that, sometimes you have to take a gamble.

Terence Roberts

Terence Roberts was born in Ruthin, North Wales, but grew up in the old industrial heartlands of West Yorkshire. After joining West Yorkshire Probation Service as a volunteer in the mid 1980s, he later qualified as a probation officer at the University of Huddersfield and then worked for over 25 years in Merseyside, West Yorkshire and the Republic of Ireland. He moved to Ireland at the age of 50, to work in Limerick city. He is now recently retired and continues to live outside the village of O’Brien’s Bridge, County Clare, with his family of retired greyhounds, horses and donkeys.

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